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Photography Tours

Island & Bird Tours

1/2 day (3hr) - $250

Full day (6hr) - $400

  • Visit some of our most beautiful sights, while learning or perfecting your camera skills. We will wander through the jungle trails of the Dales and Hugh's Waterfall, then make our way to Martin Point Lookout.  The tour will then continue to the Blowholes, along the new boardwalk, taking in the fabulous views!

  • Full Day tours includes Dolly & Greta Beaches.

  • Bird Tours will enable you to encounter & photograph many of our wonderful & majestic bird species.  Viewing birds at eye level as they soar past one of my favourite clifftop locations (guests will need to have a decent level of fitness & stability for this particular location).  Depending on the time of year, we may be able to view & photograph the very photogenic brown booby chicks as they peek out from behind their rocky nesting grounds.  Other birds commonly seen on tour are the Red & White-tailed Tropicbirds, Golden Bosun, Red-Footed Booby, Brown Booby, Frigatebirds, Christmas Island Thrush and the Christmas Island White-eye. 

Sunrise/Sunset Tour

1hr - $150

  • If you enjoy starting the day early, then the Sunrise Tour is for you!  Not a morning person?... then join me as the day is ending for a spectacular Sunset Tour.

Night Skies/Milky Way

1-2hr - $250

  • Christmas Island is lucky to have almost zero light pollution once we move away from the township - making the night sky an absolute marvel.  Witness the incredible Milky Way arching across the star studded sky (dependent on time of year).  I will pass on some helpful tips to enable you to capture your own incredible images of the wondrous night sky!



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