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Christmas Island Photography - Landscapes

Christmas Island is a photographer's paradise!  Crystal blue waters, wonderful wildlife, rainforests & waterfalls - it is just spectacular!  Situated only 360km from Java, this Australian Territory is a remarkable little island, literally, in the middle of no where.  


Boasting endemic bird species, giant robber crabs, and of course our famous red crabs, Christmas Island is truly one for the nature-lovers.  If you prefer to get your feet wet, then the snorkelling and scuba diving will not disappoint - you may even be lucky enough to see our annual visitors - the Whaleshark!


I hope, as you browse through these pages, my website will leave you wanting more.  If you would like more information about this fabulous island, or if you would like to join me on a guided tour, then please contact me & I'll be only too happy to help!


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