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Christmas Island Photography - Red Crabs

The Red Crab migration on Christmas Island, is truly one of the most spectacular events on the planet.  Every year, literally millions of crabs leave the depths of the jungle and march their way to the edge of the ocean to mate & release their eggs.  Only a few short weeks later, millions upon millions of tiny little crabs (megalope) emerge from the ocean and begin their very first migration back to the jungle.

Below is a very small collection of images, however I have thousands more!  I also stock a variety of video clips & timelapse videos of the migration, spawning & emerging baby crabs, so please contact me if you'd like to see any!


Enjoy a small taste of the amazing Christmas Island Red Crab Migraton!  If you would like to join me on a unique Christmas Island Red Crab Spawning Tour and witness this event for yourself, please get in contact.

Baby Crabs
Baby Crabs-5
Baby Crabs-4
Baby Crabs-3
Baby Crabs-2
Crab Spawning
Red Crab on Beach
Adult Red Crab
Red Crab Crossing
Red Crab Crossing II
Singled Out
Balancing Act
Red Crab Beach
Singled Out
Baby Red Crab
Baby Red Crab II
Red Crab Reflection
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