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Treasured Moments

As a child, I used to love sitting down on the couch with my sister to look through our photo albums. Remembering family holidays and laughing at how bad our fashion sense & hair styles were - it was always such a great time!! Or walking down the hallway of our home and having so many family pictures hanging on the walls - I wish I had a hallway in my home now!

We seem to have lost that in these digital days. Being able to access our precious photos straight from our phones or computers is no doubt convenient, but do we have that same sense of treasured memories as when they're printed out and can be held in our hands?

To be able to hang those precious memories on our walls and fall in love with those captured moments every time we see them! That's what I love the most about printing my images. Our children grow up so quickly and I still treasure the framed photos I have of my kids when they were takes me right back to all the feelings & emotions I had when they were captured.

Studies have actually shown that displaying family photographs in your home can boost your child's self-esteem! It helps children feel connected & loved and shows where they fit into the family - giving them a sense of belonging. I know for my own kids, they have loved looking through their baby albums & ask me to sit with them and tell them the story of how they came into the world - it's this connection you just can't make on a screen.

I'd love to encourage you to print your beautiful images. Hang one on your wall, or make a small album, or pop a print in a frame, whatever it is you decide to do - just print it! How often do you sit down on the couch and go through the photos on your phone? If you're like me, not very often! But how many times do you walk past and see the photos on your wall, or on your bedside table?... every single day!

Invest in your memories - you'll be so glad you did!

If you'd like to talk to me further about having some of your images professionally printed, please do! I have a range of gorgeous print products that I just love and would be so happy to show you.

Kirsty xx


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