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Newborn Lifestyle Sessions

I'm so excited to be able to offer these sessions to all new parents! It's such a beautiful way to capture the sweet bond between parents & their new little one. All the emotion that comes with bringing a new baby home for the first time - this is what these sessions are all about.

We will spend our session with lots of baby snuggles, feeding, cuddles and sleeps - all of the normal things that you would do with your baby, in a relaxed, intimate environment. I will be there to help guide you into the best positions to get the best images for you, but most of the time we will just go with the flow as this is the best way for me to capture your emotions. My aim is to simply document the pure love & joy you feel towards your little one.


What to Wear

A neutral colour palette always works best for these sessions - white/cream/grey etc. I have a range of maternity dresses that can be used for your session that I can bring along for you. Feel free to chat to me further if you're not sure what to wear!

What about my house!

We all love to have a neat & tidy home, but it's a difficult achievement... especially when welcoming a new member into the family. So to make it easy for you, I will only use 1 or 2 rooms for our session - depending on where the best light is. These are usually the master bedroom or living room, or baby room. Your home doesn't need to be perfect, as long as the clutter is out of sight (hiding electrical cords, clothes put away), your photos will look lovely! It's great excuse to get a nice new quilt cover & cushions for your bed or a new rug for the baby room or to put your beautiful house plants on display! Just remember, it doesn't have to perfect - I'm there to capture you and your baby!


If you have older children, there will be lots of time for those sweet little snuggles. To capture those first moments of pure joy and wonder in their eyes, when they're holding their little brother or sister - it is priceless. We will spend time together as a family - usually on the bed or on the lounge suite - having lots

of lovely cuddles. You're also welcome to invite grandparents to these sessions.


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