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Oh Baby!

I've been so lucky to start off 2018 photographing two gorgeous little island babies! Newborn & baby photography is something that I absolutely love and these two sweet things have helped kick off the year with some beautiful baby goodness!


At just 5 weeks of age, little Alaina came to visit me at my studio and I had a lovely time taking lots of photos while she had a good sleep!


Baby Shanti, who had just turned 2 months old, was wide awake for some of her session and it was lovely to spend time at her home doing a lifestyle baby session - which is a more relaxed type of session, where I spend time at the clients home capturing the daily 'baby' routine of feeding & sleeping & bathing!

Shanti in her milk bath

Shanti & her mum

Something that I absolutely adore with baby photography, is the tiny little details... their perfect little fingers & toes...their little lips & eyelashes... aren't they just perfect little humans!

Shanti & those lashes!

And to finish off, here's a couple of gorgeous black & white images from their sessions -


Shanti holding her dad's hand

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