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The Other Part

I love being able to get out outside exploring, on my own, and find new little places to photograph. For me, it’s about having some time for myself & just being able to ‘breathe’ for a while. When I first started my little photography journey, this was what I enjoyed the most – getting out there & capturing the beauty in nature. As it turns out, I actually enjoy capturing the beauty in people too! I've discovered another part of photography that I really love - Portraits!

I’ve always loved taking photos of my kids as they’ve grown up, following them around the backyard trying to snap a few shots as they played – we all do it! But it wasn’t until about a year ago, that I decided to look into portrait photography. It was very daunting! Especially when you think about photographing little kids that you may have only just met & trying to make sure they like you & trying to make them smile…maybe even laugh! It’s certainly a challenge, but so worth it. That little moment of connection – that’s what it’s all about!

Newborns – who doesn’t love a new little bubba! Those squishy cheeks & gorgeous little chubby rolls – they are just perfect. Photographing them and capturing all the tiny details is something I could do all day! Those tiny fingers & toes & oh those lashes – I could go on forever… and they aren’t even my babies!! There is something very special about capturing those early moments of new life and even though it isn’t easy, it brings me so much joy! The look on the parent’s faces when they see the images of their little one – it’s just beautiful & I love it!

Taking portrait photos of babies & kids & families & gorgeous pregnant mumma’s – even weddings! - was never something I thought I would ever do. Its hard & challenging & I’m much more comfortable on my own, out in the wilderness. But these portrait sessions have bought me & those I shoot for, so much joy & happiness… It’s kind of addictive!

If you're interested in having a Portrait Session, or would like to purchase a Gift Voucher for someone you know, please contact me!

Kirsty :) x

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